Spiritual + Life Coaching

Harmonizing body, mind, and heart with Spirit.

Every goal and desire you have for your life can be achieved with one thing: Higher Consciousness. Once you learn to harness your mind, open your heart and raise your consciousness, you will be re-programmed with all of the tools and truths that have awakened Masters.

I have spent my life pursuing these truths with a burning desire to overcome the delusions that are the root of life’s suffering. To connect to that which is infinite, powerful and unyielding: Source. With my focus singularly trained on God I learned to adhere to daily practices that would support and strengthen my connection to my Highest Self.

It is my life’s mission to share my discoveries to help others unlock their innate powers of consciousness. I provide for my clients the guidance and tools that connect them to their Higher Nature of unconditional love, healing energy and truth consciousness. This radically transforms the way they look at something until that which they look at changes!

And this is why I’m passionate about coaching you. I would love to help you become Self sustainable in the same way. I hope to connect with you to explore how these sessions can help you in all aspects of your life.


An 8 Week Soul Rehab Program

An eight-week program to initiate the healing, growth and transformation required to live a life fully attuned to Source. In these eight weeks, through daily coaching sessions and the application of  spiritual, mental and physical practices you will be committed, through loving support and guidance, to transforming the nature of your reality, yourself and your life. 

Rite of Passage

Birthday Session

A Rites of Passage ceremony reorients a person to the “True North” purpose of human life — attunement with the eternal principles of happiness. Typically, birthdays are an idyllic time to reset your course of success and joy for the coming year.


I can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support, compassion, Love and Wisdom. Doing the Soul coaching with you has been one of the most powerful, meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. Things are becoming more and more clear to me and yesterday was another beautiful day that I spent with God. And every time I think about our conversation yesterday, I cry tears of gratitude. Your unconditional love and acceptance touched me deep within my Soul, Tom. You see through my mind stuff, some of my habits, into my Soul and Spiritual potential. Thank you, thank you for that! It is truly one of the best gifts I have received in this incarnation. You are an incredible and true Soul Friend. I love you and thank God every day for connecting us.


Soul coaching was spectacular today, your teachings are so incredibly beautiful and PRICELESS! Thank you, thank you for all the extra care and nurturing, I needed that today more than ever. I’m having a painful matter of the heart and being coached today was the best thing I could have done for myself and the world.

You are so wise and think I got more out of my 1 hour with you than 5 years of “text book” counselors.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your love and light with me! I have felt so much more joy in my life since coaching with you and feel so fortunate to have met you!

Thank you for passing on your knowledge and spiritual insights and filling my mind with beautiful thoughts that I can carry through the day and into the world.

You are making a huge difference in the world and I just wanted to tell you. Thank you!

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